About Quoteburst

Sending custom insurance quotes regularly and following up on them has been shown to be the quickest and easiest way to increase sales in your agency. With Quoteburst, you can quote as many as 50,000 leads per day!

We automate your quoting process to help drive MORE sales.

Quote more. Sell more. Stress less.

Providing Coverage with a Team Who Cares

Quoteburst was founded in 2007 to address the unique marketing needs of insurance agents. In 2007, Bruce Thompson, an Allstate agent, joined forces with Stephen Bentley, a software engineer, and set out to make quoting easier for other agents.

The first product they designed automatically pushed bulk leads through the web-based quoting system and produced mass quotes for direct mail. This product is now known as Dynamo. The second product, Typhoon, became available the following year and became an instant hit with agents using Internet leads. That same year, Quoteburst introduced FlashBack. This product allowed agents an easy way to retrieve old quotes from the web-based system and requote them. Recently, Quoteburst introduced another product: QBLife, which automatically generates bulk life quotes for agents.

Today, Quoteburst continues to be an essential tool for every agent that wants to use technology to run a smoother, more efficient office.

Our Team of Experts

Quoteburst’s management team possesses an unusual depth of talent and experience, bringing you great products with extraordinary support.

Stephen Bentley

Stephen Bentley

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Stephen’s career in software development has spanned over 30 years. He earned his BSC Degree in computer information systems at the age of 20. Having studied software engineering, he established many industry standards and procedures for both large and small companies. He has worked for IBM, United Technologies, and GTE (now Verizon) where he won their highest technical achievement award. Outside of Quoteburst, Stephen has been involved in several independent films in various creative roles. His creativity, attention to detail, and passion for helping people has been an invaluable resource for everyone here at Quoteburst!

Bruce Thompson

Bruce Thompson

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Thompson is a serial entrepreneur starting his first business venture at 12 years of age. After launching many successful ventures, he formed Thompson Group Insurance in 2007 which quickly grew to 5 locations with over 10 million in premiums. That same year, he co-founded Quoteburst Software which served as a catalyst and an instrumental component of his rapid growth. In 2016, Bruce sold his Allstate agencies, but continues to serve as the CEO of Quoteburst as well as a Georgia State Senator focusing on Cyber Security matters as well as Chairing the Economic Development and Tourism committee. He is a motivational speaker, author, and sought-after member of various leadership conferences.

Jessica House

Jessica House

Director of Sales & Service

Jessica has nine years experience with Quoteburst. In addition to leading the Sales and Service team, Jessica handles on boarding agents, software education, and troubleshooting any technical issues. Jessica enjoys spending her free time with her husband and son.

Abby Ledbetter

Abby Ledbetter

Sales & Service Associate

Abby has over two years of experience with Quoteburst. She works with new and existing customers with on-boarding, training and troubleshooting. In her free time, Abby enjoys spending time with her family, especially her nieces.

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