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Sending custom quotes regularly and following up on them has been shown to increase sales in agencies.

Quote more. Sell more. Stress less.

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We automate your quoting process to help drive sales for your insurance agency with 3 different products based on your needs. Send thousands of quotes quickly and easily with us!

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What's Your Marketing Strategy?

You have an insurance agency set up, you are doing everything you can think of to grow it. Are the things you and your staff are doing all manual? Quoteburst is a suite of tools that are designed to help you with any of your marketing objectives and helps to automate some of the work to help you grow faster through proven methods. Whether you want help quoting internet leads fast or getting more leads or prospecting from within your database of leads, we have tools for you.

Internet Leads

Typhoon - Quote Internet Leads in Real Time with Quoteburst

Whether during off-hours or during the day when you don't have time, Typhoon can provide a quote within minutes to an internet lead coming into your inbox. Typhoon pushes the information directly into Advisor Pro so the quote is as accurate as the information that comes in on the lead.

If the prospect requests 100/300 coverage on a 2018 Nissan Rogue, that's what they'll get. You are able to set which discounts and the IS score to apply.

Mass Mailing


Dynamo Bulk Quote Generator from Quoteburst

Dynamo gives you the ability to quote mass volumes of leads quickly and easily here at Quoteburst. It's one of our 4 core products.

By being able to automate the quoting process and handling 50,000 quotes in 24 hours, you are going to set your agency up for success.



Flashback Requoting Software for Insurance Agents from Quoteburst

Do you already have saved quotes? Those leads have already been paid for, NOW MAKE THE SALE! Getting started is easy with our Flashback requoting software from Quoteburst.

If you're an Allstate Agent, we even offer Emails for Requotes that are CAN-SPAM ACT compliant!