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Quote Internet Leads in Real-Time.

By quoting leads within minutes of the lead coming in, Typhoon will be your new best friend!

Quote more. Sell more. Stress less.

Typhoon software from Quoteburst to quote internet leads in realtime

Do you buy internet leads? Instantly send quotes right back! You can quote internet leads automatically (anywhere & anytime) 24 HOURS A DAY! With the Typhoon software from Quoteburst, it’s here to help grow your insurance agency. What are you waiting for?

Whether during off-hours or during the day, when you don’t have the time, Typhoon can provide a quote within second, from an internet lead coming into your inbox. Typhoon pushes the information directly into Advisor Pro so the quote is as accurate as the information that comes in on the lead. If the prospect requests 100/300 coverage on a 2019 Ford Edge, that is what they will get. You are able to set which discounts and the IS score to apply.

Typhoon quotes real-time Internet Leads within seconds of the lead coming in.

Typhoon can receive leads from 100s of lead providers.

+ New lead providers are added daily!

Typhoon quotes Home and Auto Internet Leads.

Integrates with your Lead Manager Software.

Once a lead is quoted in Typhoon the information can be sent to your lead manager platform.

Typhoon SAMPLE Email Templates

Typhoon Integrates with the Following Lead Manager Platforms:

Typhoon Lead Manager Platforms with Quoteburst