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Flashback: Requote Old Prospects.

Requote your saved quotes with today’s rates & discounts! Flashback from Quoteburst will requote up to 50,000 Leads in 48 hours + scrubs the data to exclude do not call/emails and do not mail.

Quote more. Sell more. Stress less.

Flashback Requoting Software from Quoteburst

Find and reprocess your past quotes that are saved. Our Flashback tool through Quoteburst can requote old prospects and save you time!

Your saved quotes and leads have already been paid for, now you have to make the sale. Through Flashback, we scrub for do not call and do not mail when requoting. Flashback allows you to do something not easily done in software like Advisor Pro: finding and requoting old quotes. You can search by date and product type, find your quotes, then recalculate them.

Requote then reprint your saved quotes and attract more new business! Plus, Flashback can run searches that are not possible with your current technology & software like Advisor Pro. You can print only those quotes taking into account IFS scores, email addresses and whether or not they were bulk quotes. Flashback will even adjust the insurance expiration date so that vehicles don’t go to Line 19, and it will adjust the effective date so your quote has the early signing discount.

Flashback will Requote up to 50,000 leads in 48 Hours!

Flashback can Requote Home and Auto.

Flashback requotes saved quotes in your system with today’s rates & discounts.

Scrubs for Do Not Call and Do Not Mail.

Flashback has Options for Sending the Requotes.

You can have the quotes emailed, printed, sent to a preferred vendor OR using TaG to be printed and mailed.

What are you waiting for? See why so many Insurance Agents LOVE Flashback.

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