Flashback: Requote Old Prospects.

Requote your saved quotes with today’s rates & discounts! Flashback from Quoteburst will requote up to 4500 Leads in 24 hours + scrubs the data to exclude do not call/emails and current customers!

Quote more. Sell more. Stress less.

Flashback Requoting Software from Quoteburst

Find and reprocess your past quotes that are saved. Our Flashback tool through Quoteburst can requote old prospects and save you time! 

Your saved quotes and leads have already been paid for, now you have to make the sale. Through Flashback, we scrub for do not call, do not mail and NEW current customers when requoting. Flashback allows you to do something not easily done in software like Alliance: finding and requoting old quotes. You can search by date and product type, find your quotes, then recalculate them. 

Requote then reprint your saved quotes and attract more new business! Plus, Flashback can run searches that are not possible with your current technology & software like Alliance. You can print only those quotes taking into account IFS scores, email addresses and whether or not they were bulk quotes. Flashback will even adjust the insurance expiration date so that vehicles don’t go to Line 19, and it will adjust the effective date so your quote has the early signing discount. 


Flashback will Requote up to 4500 Leads in 24 Hours!


Flashback can Requote Home, Auto, Renters, Condos and Landlords.


Flashback requotes saved quotes in your system with today’s rates & discounts.


Scrubs for Do Not Call, Do Not Mail, and Current Customers.


Flashback has Options for Sending the Requotes.

You can have the quotes emailed, printed, sent to a preferred vendor OR using TaG to be printed and mailed.

What are you waiting for? See why so many Insurance Agents LOVE Flashback.

Flashback SAMPLE Email Templates by Quoteburst

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions about our Flashback product? We’ve got answers! Read our FAQ below and if you still have questions, reach out via our chat or send us an email.

How can I install Flashback?

To install software, go to Quoteburst.com, Click Resources and Install.

What is my login information?

The login information that you will use is what you use to log into Gateway/Alliance.

What is my Quoteburst Agent ID?

Your Quoteburst Agent ID that we use is your Allstate Agent ID including the “A0”. 

Can a sales producer use their Gateway log in to run the software?

Yes, they would just enter the Agent ID (A0XXXXX) in the agent id field and then enter their Gateway log in information in the Gateway ID field and their Gateway password.

Does Flashback integrate with lead management programs?

Flashback doesn’t let to Lead Management programs automatically, but Flashback does create output files that you can upload to your lead manager.

What is Quote Type?

Quote Type is the product that you want to quote: Auto, Home, Renters, Condo, or Motorcycle.

Can I quote more than one Quote Type at a time?

Yes, you can quote all products are once or Home and Auto together.

What is New Business?

New Business is where the quote has been converted from a quote to new Business.

What is FUD?

FUD is Follow Up Date.

  • So I have to put a FUD? No, you don’t have to add a FUD some agency use FUD and some don’t
  • What FUD do I put? You can put any FUD that you would like.

Does Flashback pull MVR?

No, Flashback doesn’t pull MVR. The software will quote with the information that was original on the quote.

Does Flashback pull credit?

No, Flashback doesn’t pull credit but we do have IS option where you can change the current IS. Under the IS Override Settings.

What is IS Override Settings?

IS Override Setting is where you can change the current IS.

  • Engage IS Override: To unlock Flat IS and IS Tiers.
  • Flat ID: Change all the IS to a set number
  • IS Tier: Change IS between a certain number to a specific number

What output options are available?

With Flashback the requotes can be emailed, printed from the office, sent to Tag, or sent to another print vendor that you choose.

  • How can I print from the office on one page? You can do the Mail Merge option
    • What is Mail Merge? Mail Merge is an excel file with the quoted information on it that you can merge into a one-page template and print or send to a print vendor to be printed.
    • Where do we get the templates? The templates are located at Quotebrust.com under the Flashback icon under templates
    • What template do we use? Flashback will tell you what template to use.
    • Can we change the template? The templates can’t be changed, they are Allstate Approved.
    • Is there a template for home and auto together? No, the only templates that we have are separate.
    • Where does the agent information come from on the mail merge file? The agent information that is on the file comes from where you entered the agent information on the main screen.
  • What is Print? Print is just like if you went into Alliance and printed the quote.

  • What is Tag? Tag is Allstate Printing company 
    • How do the quotes get to Tag? As long as you have the Tag option enabled on Flashback then the quotes are sent to Tag automatically.
    • When are the quotes sent to Tag? We sent to Tag twice a week. Once requotes done from Sunday to Tuesday at sent on Thursday and any done from Wednesday to Saturday at sent on Tuesday.
    • How do I pay Tag? Once the quotes are ready in Tag they will email you with instructions on how to select the template and pay them the mailing.
    • How much does Tag charge? Tag charges around .40 cents per mailing but you would need to double-check that with them.
    • What is Tag’s number? 1-866-497-5888

Where are the Output Files saved?

The output files are saved on your desktop under the Flashback Outputs folder.

  • How do I know what file was run this month? Flashback only names the output files that Year and Month that the software was run in. Example: if you run the software in January of 2021 for Auto. The output file name would be 2021.01FBRequotesAuto.
  • What are the different output files? There can be many output files depending on how the products you ran.
    • FBRequotesAutoEmailed – The requotes that have emails
    • FBRequotesAutoMailOnly – The requotes that can only be mailed to. They are on the DO NOT CALL list.
    • FBRequotesAutoPhoneOnly – The requotes that can only be called. They are on the DO NOT MAIL list.
    • FBRequotesAuto – The requotes that you can Call and Mail to.
    • Filtered – The requotes that were not quoted because of the filter options that were selected.

How to I know when Flashback is completed?

Flashback is completed with the stop option changes to EXIT.

Can the software run on more than one computer?

Yes, you can run the software on as many computers as you would like. Just remember not to run the same months, year and product at the same time on different computers.

Does Flashback create duplicates?

No, Flashback updates the current quote in alliance with today’s rates and discounts.

Will software work on a Mac?

Yes, as long as you have Windows Parallel.

How do I update by Alliance password in Flashback?

Open the software and click where it says Set Alliance Information.ettings.

How far back can Flashback requote?

Flashback will go back to 2006.

Can I upload a list to Flashback?

No, Flashback will only pull quotes directly from Alliance/Advisor Pro.

How do most agents run Flashback?

Most agents run Flashback once a month and run 2 months at a time.

  • What 2 months are agents running? Most agents are running one month from the current month and six months from then. Example: Currently in April agents are running May and November.
  • What years are agents running? Most agents are only running the past 3 or 4 years.

What is Date Type?

Date Type is what you want to search by in Alliance/Advisor Pro.

  • Last Saved Date: The last time the quote was saved in Alliance/Advisor Pro.
  • Expiration Date: The expiration date you put on the quote when you originally quoted it.
  • Follow-up Date: The follow-up date that you put on the quote when you originally quoted it.

What is Range?

Range is where you can quote only the quotes with the last name beginning with the letters you selected.

What is Advanced Date Search?

Advanced Date Search is where you can search a specific date range.

What is Basic Date Search?

Basic Date Search is where you can select months and year you would like to quote.

What discounts do I select?

You would only select the discounts that are available in your state.

Can Flashback email?

Yes, Flashback can email Home and Auto Requotes.

  • What email are the quotes emailed from? The quotes email from the quotes email.
  • Can the email be changed? No, the email can’t be changed.
  • Are the Requotes emailed automatically? Any quote that is requoted by Thursday at midnight is emailed the next Thursday automatically as long as the email option is enabled on Flashback.

Why would I save the quotes?

Most agents save the changes to the quote so when the Prospect calls about the quote they received the agent will have the same quote.

Does Flashback have Filter options?

Yes, Flashback has several filter options

  • Ignore IS – If you ignore the IS, it will quote everyone regardless of the credit score
  • Match IFS score of ___ or better – Flashback would only requote the quotes with an IS better than the number you entered. Example: 10 or better anyone with a score of 11 or higher would be skipped and not quoted.
  • Skip Bulk Quotes – Skips any quotes that were entered into your Alliance as bulk (quotes quoted with Dynamo)
  • Included Bulk Quotes Only – Will only requote quotes that were entered into your Alliance as Bulk
  • Current insurer Contains – Will requote only the current insurance provider that you enter. For example: if you enter State Farm the software will only quote the quotes that have State Farm has their current insurance carrier.
  • Match Zipcode – Will only Requote the quotes in the zip code that you entered
  • Include Multi-vehicle only – Will only Requote quotes that have more than 1 vehicle
  • Include Multi-vehicle home only – Will only requote quotes with Multi-Policy

Why are there 6 Thread?

Flashback splits the quote into 6 groups so it can quote up to 6 quotes at a time after 7 pm.

Why are threads sleeping?

Between 7 am-7 pm only 1 quote can quote at a time so the other threads will sleep until 7 pm.

Why is my software stalled?

There could be many reasons why the software is stalled. Please contact support and someone will be happy to help you.

Does Flashback Scrub?

Yes, Flashback scrubs for Current Customers, Do not Call, and Do not Mail.

Can I opt not to scrub?

No, Allstate requires that you scrub.

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